Magazine holder in shabby chic style

by Liudmila Mihaylovskaya

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 8

1. Take a wooden magazine holder and prime it with PVA glue

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 1

2. Paint the background with dark color. You can paint only places where you will suppose to show the down color. I painted corners and joints then touch with the brush everywhere a bit.

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 2

3. Rub places which you paint with a piece of candle. It is necessary to do it well because later it help us to remove the top paint easier.

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 3

4. Paint all surface with white paint. Strokes can be made by a rough brush randomly. Let brushstrokes to be visible. Aren't we creating something really old?

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 4

5. Select one or several napkins. The better way is NOT to cut the picture with scissors, but tore it. So the boundary becomes almost invisible.

6. Put the napkin picture to the painted wood (I mean our magazine holder) and abundantly pour with decoupage glue. Then start to spread the glue strictly from the middle to the edges. You can use a special brush or a finger (it's easier for beginners). If you have a lot of glue out of napkin you can wipe it (don't touch the napkin!). Let to dry

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 5

7 If it's necessary draw the missing elements - shadows, sky, verdure with suitable colors. It was difficult to take photographs of this process :)

8. Now take a sandpaper of average roughness and scrub places where you rub with a candle. To create really old look you have to suppose how it happends in real life - which places of object strip usually.

sandShabby chic magazine holder. Step 6

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 7

9. Cover the holder with matt finishing varnish. Gloss for old-looked objects is inappropriate. That's all!

Shabby chic magazine holder. Step 8


  1. This is very nice! Thank you for the tutorial! :-)

  2. Beautiful piece! Thanks for the instrctions.