Decoupage supplies

1. Universal decoupage glue
2. PVA glue
3. Decoupage glues for special surfaces
I recommend to beginners to use special decoupage glue. Later you can use PVA glue (white glue) dilluted by water (1:1).

1. Water-based acrilyc varnishes
2. Finishing varnishes

Paper with pictures
1. 3-layered napkins
2. Decoupage paper
3. Gift or tissue paper
4. Other papers

1. Special brushes
The best brushes are theese for acrylic colors. You need one wide flat brush to apply glue and some different brushes for painting.
2. Scissors or scalpel

1. Different pastas (structure etc.)
2. Crackle mediums
3. Bitumen

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